Attendance at Norwegian Electro-Optics meeting 2018

The whole Optical Sensing team joined, together with the Nanoscopy group, the Norwegian Electro-Optics meeting in beautiful Henningsvær, Lofoten. Marek Vlk from our team held an interesting presentation on the topic Ta2O5 rib waveguides for optical gas sensing in the mid-infrared, a project he has been working on during his stay at Optoelectronics Research Center (ORC) at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. 

The Nanoscopy group contributed with four oral and four poster presentations


Ta2O5 Waveguide Platform for Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Coucheron David Andre, Balpreet S.Ahluwalia

Chip-based single molecule localization microscopy using planar optical waveguides, Øystein I. Helle, David A. Coucheron, Jean-Claude Tinguely, Cristina I. Øie, Balpreet S. Ahluwalia

Mirror-Microscopy: Extending Axial Resolution beyond Conventional Limits, Florian Ströhl, James D Manton, Eric J Rees, Clemens F Kaminski

Breaking the diffraction barrier at high-speed using MUSICAL, Krishna Agarwal, Ida Sundvor Opstad, Milton Aguilera, Merete Storflor, Åsa Birna Birgisdottir, Deanna Wolfson, Trine Kalstad, Sören Abel, Truls Myrmel, Terje Johansen, Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia


Chip-based correlative light-electron microscopy, Jean-Claude Tinguely, Anna Steyer, Cristina Øie, Randi Olsen, Krishna Agarwal, Øystein Helle, Luis Enrique Hernandez, José María Mateos, Gery Barmettler, Urs Ziegler, Peter McCourt, Yannick Schwab, Balpreet Ahluwalia

Live-cell optical nanoscopy of human spermatozoa, Ida S. Opstad, Krishna Agarwal, Daria A. Popova, Ganesh Acharya, Purusotam Basnet, Balpreet S. Ahluwalia

Waveguide-based single- and double axicons shaping light for structured illumination microscopy, Marcel Lahrberg, Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia

Structured Illumination Microscopy of Biological Structures, Deanna L. Wolfson, Luis Villegas, Ida S. Opstad, Åsa B. Birgisdottir, Cristina I. Øie, Balpreet S. Ahluwalia



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