Thesis & Defense

Regulations for the PhD program at the faculty of Science and Technology can be found here (english and norwegian). The faculty has a lot of information related to the thesis and defense (norwegian | english).

Submitting your thesis

The faculty of Science and Technology has a web page in english with extensive information on the submission of a PhD thesis. Here you can also download the application form (the form is in english) for the final approval of the individual training component (30 ECTS of PhD courses). This approval has to be obtained before submission of the thesis.

Printing your thesis (only relevant after approval of the thesis)

UiT has an agreement with Skipnes kommunikasjon to print the PhD thesis. The department pays as a rule for 50 copies of the thesis. The final version of the thesis can be submitted through the website (norwegian | english) of Skipnes. You will need the following to fulfill the procedure:

  1. Login name and password. Ask the coordinator of the PhD school (contact) or Renate Lie Larsen.
  2. PDF version of your thesis without the front page. You can also upload a version including the front page and write a comment that the front page should be removed in the printed version.
  3. ISBN number for the printed version of your thesis. You will get this from the faculty in the letter stating that your thesis has been approved.
  4. A rekvisisjonsnummer to bill UiT for the printing. This will take approx. one working day to generate. Ask Frederick Leeson or Renate Lie Larsen. Send them also the expected price from the Skipnes website, which you get after uploading your PDF.

Some advice to make sure you get the best result without unnecessary delay: make sure your PDF file includes blank pages in such a way that new chapters start on the right-hand page and write a comment to explain how you want this. You can also ask Skipnes to remove headers and footers if you want (for example the text “this article has been downloaded from …”). You can order a trial copy, which will usually come within a week from online submission of the PDF file to Skipnes.

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