New PhD students

In order to become a PhD student at the Department of Chemistry, you must have been hired in a PhD-fellowship position. These are normally openly announced as 3 or 4 years fellowships.

Within 2 months after starting in a PhD-position, you must apply for admittance to the PhD program in Science at the Faculty of Science and Technology (link). For PhD-students at the Department of Chemistry, there are currently two lines of study to choose between in the Science program: PhD in Chemistry or PhD in Molecular and Structural Biology.

The admittance application includes a form and a PhD project and supervision plan. The form includes among other things a proposed educational component, which consists of 30 ECTS of PhD courses. The application should be worked out jointly between the PhD-fellow and the supervisor(s). Note that the application needs to be approved (and signed) by the Head of Department prior to submission to the Faculty.

Practical things

Housing: UiT has a website for arriving staff with among other things information about Accommodation / housing. Many new PhD students find a place to live via colleagues at the Department of Chemistry. You can ask your supervisor or the coordinator of the PhD school to send round an email to all employees at the department to ask for possibilities.

Computer: Since 2017 new computers (including computers for PhD students) are ordered and paid directly by the university, not through the department / project anymore. The default is a standard package, but other options are available. Computers can be ordered by the PhD supervisor by sending an email, see UiT bestillingsweb (Intranett, in norwegian).

Norwegian bank account: UiT provides information about opening Norwegian bank accounts here. Note that it is possible to exchange a salary cheque from UiT for a Visa business prepaid card that can be used to pay bills until you have a Norwegian bank account. It can for example be used to pay the registration fee at the Police station upon registration in Tromsø (the fee is only for people that come from outside of the EU/European Economic Area).

See the website for arriving staff for information on residence permits / visa, bringing your family, registration to Police / tax office, health services, tax, Norwegian language courses and much more.

See the PhD candidate guide for new PhD candidates at UiT The Arctic University of Norway for information on being a PhD candidate at UiT, the library, travel around Tromsø and much more.

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