PhD courses

The PhD program includes an educational component (opplæringsdelen) of at least 30 ECTS credits. New PhD students include a plan of which courses to take in their project description, which needs to be approved by the faculty. It is possible to change this plan during the PhD. After fulfilling the courses but before defending the thesis, the PhD students needs to get the educational component approved by the faculty.

This page contains PhD courses at the Department of Chemistry as well as other options to include in the educational component of the PhD program. Most scheduled dates (H=autumn semester ; V=spring semester) are tentative; those in bold have been planned.

Code Name ECTS Contact person Scheduled
KJE-8102 Computational Chemistry 10 Luca Frediani V2017, V2018
KJE-8103 Quantum Chemical Methods 10 Luca Frediani V2016
KJE-8104 Relativistic Quantum Chemistry 10 Kenneth Ruud H2016
KJE-8105 Molecular properties and spectroscopy 10 Kenneth Ruud H2017
KJE-8201 Bioinorganic chemistry 10 Abhik Ghosh V2016
KJE-8303 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 10 Johan Isaksson V2017
KJE-8308 Organometallic compounds in organic synthesis 10 Jørn Hansen V2016
KJE-8313 Advanced Organic Chemistry 10 Jørn Hansen V2015
KJE-8402 Protein structures 10 Hanna-Kirsti Schrøder Leiros H2016
KJE-8403 Crystallography I 10 Richard Engh H2016
KJE-8602 Bioinformatics – genome and genome analysis 10 Nils Peder Wilassen V2017
KJE-8701 Biophysical aspects of protein folding and stability 5 Arne Smalås V2018, V2020
KJE-8703 Crystallization of biological macromolecules 3 Ronny Helland H2016, H2018
KJE-8704 Structure guided drug discovery and design 5 Richard Engh H2016, H2018
BioCat C5 Enzyme mechanisms 4 Kathrin Hopmann V2017, V2019

Links to other courses:

  • All PhD courses at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Note that the overview is not entirely up-to-date, but it gives an overview over the options at other departments at the Faculty.
  • PhD courses from BioCat, the national graduate school in Biocatalysis. These courses are all in biocatalysis-related fields and are given at different universities in Norway. BioCat provides travel grants to attend the courses. Contact the BioCat coordinator Anastasia Leonenko for questions.
  • Catalogue with all courses at UiT-The Arctic University of Norway.

Other useful links:

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