Other PhD courses

PhD courses at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

The Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics have an overview over their PhD courses. See also the catalogue with all courses at UiT-The Arctic University of Norway.

Here are some PhD courses from other departments at UiT The Arctic University of Norway that PhD fellows at the Department of Chemistry have used in the instruction component in the past:

Code Name ECTS
BIO-8011 Modelling in Systems biology I – Metabolic pathway modelling 5
BIO-8022 Biological membranes and their proteins 5
BIO-8101 Functional genomics 5
MBI-8001 Molecular and clinical aspects of infection, inflammation and immunity 10

PhD courses at other universities

It is also possible to follow courses at other universities within and outside Norway. Also these courses need to be approved in the individual training component (opplæringsdelen) by the Faculty, see more information here. The Faculty of Science and Technology provides grants to follow courses outside Tromsø. A prerequisite for these grants is that the PhD course is part of your training component. The Faculty has three deadlines a year to apply for these grants.

National graduate schools

Several national graduate schools have courses that can be relevant for PhD fellows at the Department of Chemistry. Grants for travel and accommodation are in many cases provided by the graduate school.

  • PhD courses from BioCat, the national graduate school in Biocatalysis. These courses are all in biocatalysis-related fields and are given at different universities in Norway. BioCat provides travel grants to attend the courses. Contact the BioCat coordinator Anastasia Leonenko for questions.
  • Courses from the Digital Life Research school. These courses are all over the country. Travel grants are available.

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