At the Department of Chemistry

This page contains PhD courses at the Department of Chemistry. Some scheduled dates (H=autumn semester; V=spring semester) are tentative; those in bold have been planned. Administrative contacts for the PhD courses are Maarten Beerepoot and Renate Lie Larsen. The table below gives the scientific contact person, who is often (but not always) also responsible for the course.

Code Name – ECTS Contact person Scheduled
KJE-8102 Computational Chemistry – 10 Luca Frediani V2018
KJE-8103 Quantum Chemical Methods – 10 Luca Frediani V2016
KJE-8104 Relativistic Quantum Chemistry – 10 Kenneth Ruud / Michal Repisky V2018
KJE-8105 Molecular properties and spectroscopy – 10 Kenneth Ruud H2017
KJE-8201 Bioinorganic chemistry – 10 Abhik Ghosh V2018 (at least every second year)
KJE-8303 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – 10 Johan Isaksson V2017
KJE-8308 Organometallic compounds in organic synthesis -10 Annette Bayer / Jørn Hansen V2018
KJE-8313 Advanced Organic Chemistry – 10 Jørn Hansen V2015
KJE-8403 Crystallography I – 10 Richard Engh H2018
KJE-8602 Bioinformatics – genome and genome analysis – 10 Erik Hjerde V2018
KJE-8701 Biophysical aspects of protein folding and stability – 5 Arne Smalås V2016, V2019
KJE-8703 Crystallization of biological macromolecules – 3 Eva Pebay-Peyroula H2018
KJE-8704 Structure guided drug discovery and design – 5 Richard Engh H2018
KJE-8705 Enzyme mechanisms (C5 BioCat) – 4 Kathrin Hopmann H2017
Mechanisms of CO2 activation (NordCO2 course) – 4 Kathrin Hopmann September 14-16, 2018
Molecular modelling (C8 BioCat) – 10 Bjørn Olav Brandsdal V2018, V2020
KJE-88xy Special curriculum – xy all scientific staff continuously

Note that it is also possible to follow courses at other places (UiT or other universities) or to have an individual special curriculum.

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