Special curriculum

An alternative to ordinary courses in the instruction component of 30 ECTS (opplæringsdelen) is an individual syllabus selected by the PhD fellow / supervisor (spesialpensum). Many PhD fellows use this possibility. All scientific staff at the department can be course responsible / supervisor of a special curriculum.

The special curriculum needs to be approved by the Head of Department. Enrollment is then administered by the Faculty. The topic, teaching plan and number of ECTS points can be chosen by the PhD fellow / supervisor. A form for approval of the special curriculum can be found here. This form contains among others details of the special curriculum, internal and external sensor and signatures of the Head of Department and supervisor of the special curriculum. The signed form should be sent to the faculty’s contact person that is written on the right-hand side of the web page where the form can be downloaded.

The special curriculum should have an assessment with pass/fail or with a grade, in which case “C” is needed to pass.

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