Project plan

A PhD project and supervision plan needs to be written jointly by the PhD fellow and supervisor(s) at the start of the PhD project. This project plan includes among others:

  • A popular-scientific summary of the project that can be used for publication on the website of the Department;
  • Primary and secondary objectives of the project;
  • The role of the co-supervisor(s) and the way in which supervision will be organised. This includes a plan for the type of written feedback in two directions;
  • Deliverables and milestones of the project, including a risk assessment of each and an alternative plan for those with medium to high risk.

The project plan form can be downloaded here: Word | PDF. In addition, the PhD fellow has to apply for admission to the PhD program in Science using this form (Intranett, english and norwegian). The two completed documents need to be sent to both the PhD school in Chemistry ( and the Head of Department. There is usually one round of feedback for the project plan. When the project plan and application to the PhD program have been approved and signed by the Head of Department, they can be sent to the faculty administration ( This has to be done within two months from starting the contract.

Updating the project plan

The project plan has to be updated at least once a year with deadline February 1. An update of the project plan is sent to the PhD school in Chemistry ( in addition to the yearly update to the Faculty.

Depending on the progress, the project, supervision team or project planning can be adapted to changing circumstances or even changed completely if needed. The risk assessment and yearly update are important to ensure that the PhD fellow will finish the project within three (or four) years. The update to the project plan and progress report to the faculty will be used in the yearly co-worker interview in March.

PhD fellows who started after september 1, 2017, do not have to send an updated project plan in 2018. The first version of the project plan will be used in the yearly co-worker interview.

PhD fellows with an old version of the project plan (i.e., not the form that can be downloaded above) are advised to update their project plan with their PhD advisors, this is however not compulsory.

All other PhD fellows send an updated version of their project plan to to the PhD school in Chemistry ( by February 1, 2018. The last page of the form can be used to briefly describe the changes that have been made to the original plan.

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