Research stay abroad

In an increasingly international research community, a stay abroad during the PhD is usually a good idea for the PhD project and always a good idea for career perspectives after the PhD defense, whether in acedemia or industry. A stay abroad is arranged in close collaboration with the PhD supervisor(s) / project leader. Below is some information about practical aspects.

Funding: A stay abroad may lead to extra costs such as double housing rent and traveling. These extra costs should not be covered by the PhD fellow and therefore several funding possibilities exist. For PhD students on university funding, the Faculty of Science and Technology has grants for stays abroad (norwegian | english). These grants have several deadlines a year. Read more about these grants. For PhD fellows on a project from the Research Council of Norway (Norges forskningsråd), there are travelling grants available. Appliations can be sent in all-year round. Read more about these grants here (in norwegian). For PhD fellows on other external funding, contact the project lead for possibilities. If the external funding does not provide funding for research stays abroad, an application for funding can be sent to the faculty (see above).

Teaching duties: A PhD fellow at the Department of Chemistry is exempt from obligatory work in the period of a planned research stay abroad as long as the department is informed in good time. Read more about this under Teaching duties.

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