Teaching duties

A PhD education in Norway is normed to three years. PhD fellows are often employed for another (fourth) year, in which case 25% of the work of the PhD fellow will be obligatory work for the department (pliktarbeid). The regulations around this obligatory work (pliktarbeidsreglement) can be downloaded from this website (in norwegian).

At the Department of Chemistry, this obligatory work is usually in the form of teaching, but there is several exceptions to this rule. The department tries to arrange the obligatory work such that there are no duties in the semester of the PhD defense.

A PhD fellow at the Department of Chemistry is exempt from obligatory work in the period of a planned research stay abroad. A requirement for this is that the Head of Department (instituttsleder) and Head of Administration (kontorsjef) are notified in good time in order to make other arrangements for teaching: deadline April 1 for a stay abroad in autumn and November 1 for a stay abroad in spring. As for leaves of absence such as parental leave, the PhD period will be extended such that obligatory work can be done when the PhD fellow has returned to work.

The university offers a course “Teaching in higher education” for PhD fellows. The course is given in autumn in norwegian and in spring in english. The Department of Chemistry recommends participation in this course to all PhD fellows with teaching duties. The hours spent on the course are counted as part of the obligatory work for the department and documented by a course certificate. The course certificate can also be used as documentation when applying to an academic position in Norway or abroad.

For questions about the obligatory work, contact the Head of Administration at the department.

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