Transferable skills

High North Academy arranges courses in transferable skills at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in the fields of Science Communication and Career development. Courses include Scientific writing (3 ECTS), Visualizing your science (3 ECTS), Coping with media (1 ECTS), Leadership skills (3 ECTS), Academic entrepreneurship (5 ECTS) and Funding your research (3 ECTS). Course desription and dates are found here.

The university library arranges an annual seminar series “Take control of your PhD journey: From (p)reflection to publishing” about academic integrity and plagiarism, searching for literatur, EndNote reference manager, Open Access publishing and managing research data. The most recent series was October 9-11, 2017. Registration is for each seminar separately, such that one can follow only relevant seminars.

The university library also offers a range of courses about managing research data (english | norwegian) in autumn 2017, both on beginner’s level and intermediate level. All courses are offered in english and in norwegian. The courses are especially useful for those that are not yet familiar with the new Principles and guidelines for research data management at UiT.

The university library also has an overview over all courses they offer in autumn 2017. The overview contains courses in english and courses in norwegian.

The university also has an open online course in deterring student plagiarism (english | norwegian). This course takes one to two hours to complete, can be taken whenever and whereever and includes a course certificate in the end. The course is useful for all students and employees, including PhD fellows.

The Department of Chemistry advises PhD fellows to take part in these courses. At this moment, the Faculty of Science and Technology does not allow these courses to be part of the 30 ECTS educational component of the PhD program.

The PhD school at the Department of Chemistry will also organize workshops in transferable skills for the PhD fellows at the department. Those workshops will be advertised here and over email. The PhD school has organized a writing course for PhD fellows on November 29 and 30, 2017, and a workshop on career planning on January 29 13:15-14:00, 2018.

The following activities will be compulsory for PhD fellows at the Department of Chemistry in 2018: presentation of the PhD project (abstract, flash presentation and poster presentation) on the Department Day on May 30 and participation in the writing course in autumn. In general, not more than three activities per year will be compulsory to attend for PhD fellows at the Department of Chemistry.

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