Network Members

Group A: David G. Anderson,  Professor, University of Aberdeen

The host group is based at the University of Tromsø.  It will be responsible for organising the project and for presenting models on ethnography, history of science, and environmental archaeology. The members are:

Group B: Knut Røed, Professor, Veterinærhøgskole, Oslo            

The NVH group will be responsible for presenting the state of the art in rangifer genetics including work on mapping the rangifer genome.

  • Kjersti Kvie, PhD candidate, NMBU

Group C: Professor Lars Östlund, Sveriges Landbruksuniversitet

The SLU group will present recent work on using botanical indicators to understand the history of reindeer land use.

Group D: Rane Willerslev, Professor, Aarhus University

Prof. Willerslev will present contemporary ethnographic models of human animal interaction and mimesis. There are no further members.

Group E: Anna-Kaisa Salmi, Post-Doctoral fellow, University of Oulu                

The Oulu group will present contemporary work on combining osteology with environmental indicators of husbandry. The group will consist of one senior scholar and two PhD students.

  • Dr. Tiina Äikäs, post-doctoral fellow
  • Matti Heino, PhD Student
  • Hilkka Heikkilä, Masters student

Group F: Helena Ruotsala, Professor, University of Turku       

Prof. Ruotsala will present contemporary ethnographic and ethnological work from Eastern Scandinavia.

Group G: Artur Kharinsky, Professor, Irkutsk State Technical University

The ISTU group will present the most recent Russian adaptations of Scandinavian techniques. This group has a fieldwork colloborator from Canada working on genetics.

  • Prof. Robert Losey, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Evgenii Matveevich Ineshin, Irkutsk State Technical University
  • Oksana Petrovna Vin’kovskaia, Irkutsk State Agricultural Acadedmy
  • Elena Viacheslavovna Bezrukova, Institute of Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

Group H: Petri Halinen, Dosent, University of Helsinki

Group I: Kjell-Åke Aronsson, Director, Ajtte Museum