Photo: Njål Gulbrandsen
Photo: Njål Gulbrandsen

Tromsø Geophysical Observatory (TGO) is one of the major space weather service providers in Norway; mainly within the field of geomagnetism, but also ionospheric conditions. The Norwegian Centre for Space Weather (NOSWE) unit is a semi-independent department under TGO at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway.

The main objectives of the NOSWE group are:

  1. to act as the national coordinator of the federated Norwegian space weather providers
  2. to provide a single centralized interface that may be a source for information and knowledge about space weather events and hazards for the various space weather user domains
  3. to establish contact with national directorates, industries and activities that are vulnerable to or dependent on space weather for any reason, ranging from search and rescue and offshore drilling operations to the tourist industry and the amateur radio community.

The staff at the Norwegian Center for Space Weather participates in space weather related research as well as the development of products and services for prediction and mitigation of space weather hazards. Being part of UiT – the Arctic University of Norway NOSWE is a natural place for students of space related topics to find sources of information, thesis topics and work.