dB/dt 30min Forecast

dB/dt forecast


The model for the prediction of the maximum |dB/dt| for the coming 30 minutes (eh30) has been developed by IRF Lund.

The map shows the forecast eh30 with a colour coding ranging from values below 5 nT/min to above 640 nT/min, and with a logarithmic scale in between. The red dots mark the locations at which eh30 is predicted and the map shows the interpolated values. The timestamp when the forecast was issued is shown at the top, together with the timestamp of the latest available solar wind data. The forecast is valid for the 30 minute interval following the latest available solar wind data. The map is updated every minute. The real time solar wind data are obtained from NOAA SWPC.

See reference paper for more detail.

Credits: IRF Lund