Proximity detection using Bluetooth Low Energy (Smart) and LTE Direct

We were very luck to have Arne Munch-Ellingsen from Telenor give a talk about how we could use cool “nearables” and sensors such as Estimote for proximity detection, indoor positioning and similar.


This opens up a whole new way of interacting with your game experience that could give your game, or other experience, an extra edge.


You can find the presentations and videos shown in the lecture here:

Presentations from Kick Off Seminar now available

A quick news update to let you know that the the presentations from the kick off seminar are now available:

Anders Andersen – Course Overview 

Ellen Brox – Games in Research

Kim Daniel Arthur – Game Development Intro

Ismet Bachtiar – Everything Is A Game

Gunnar Hartvigsen – ConChild – A Serious game for children with diabetes

Svein-Gunnar Johansen – What can serious games learn from traditional games? Low Threshold, High Ceiling

Peter Munch-Ellingsen – Game Development with libGDX – Experiences from a game jam

Merete Korsberg & Thea Matland – From idea to 3D character

Fredrik Fors Hansen – Dirtybit international gaming startup success story 

The presentations from DirtyBit and Fabelfjord will be added as soon as possible.

First Lecture – High Concept

Today we had our first lecture to get everyone started with this semesters Tromsø Game Lab! A great turn out with nearly 20 students with some great ideas for their games.

Below is the set of milestones we will go through in order to aim for being live with our games on, or before, the 1st of June.

In addition to going through the milestone and delivery plan we spoke about the importance of having a clearly formulated direction for your game in the form of a High Concept.

This to make sure that you have a strong foundation around your game idea so that you can more easily move into making your game prototype, make tech choices and get used to thinking about and communicating your idea.

We defined 9 key elements to consider as you work with your high concept:

1. The“X”
2. Genre
3. Theme
4. Players goal & Game Mechanics
5. Art style
6. Story (World/Environment/Characters)
7. Market positioning
8. Target Platform, Revenue and distribution model
9. Key technical elements

The presentation and background materials from the lecture can be found in the forums here:

We have Kicked Off!

Thank you everyone for coming to the Kick Off Seminar! A great turn-out with some equally great and inspiring presentations. Look forward to see you again during the lectures!

We will follow up with doing the following on the webpage during this weekend:

  • Add all presentations from Kick Off Seminar
  • Update lecture schedule
    • The first lecture will be Monday the 19th at 12:15 in TEKNOBYGGET 1.017 where the topic will be “Getting started with your Tromsø Game Lab project!”
  • Start a “resources” section where you can find links to relevant technology, websites and similar to help you during your projects

Meanwhile feel free to use register and use the forums to ask any questions you might have, or e-e-mail either or

Have a good weekend!

Program for Kick Off Seminar published

January 15th 2015, a kick-off seminar will be arranged where the local game industry and PhD scholars tell their story and raise excitement for game development.

The goal of the kick-Off seminar is to raise awareness and interest from the students to about the special curriculum game development course. Local game industry representatives, PhD Scholars and more will share stories and examples of why game development is such a great way to apply your computer science skills.

The seminar will also be an opportunity to ask questions about the course and for students to connect with game development professionals.

We look forward to see you at the Kick Off Seminar for the special curriculum course in Game Development.

Check out the exciting program here!