Game designs coming up

The students have been busy over the last few weeks turning their ideas into high concept documents. Some fantastic work has resulted in 15 (!) very promising games that will now move into a more detailed game and tech design phase before protopying starts.

For a sneak peak of the projects that will be coming, check out the projects page and a full ist below.

  • Petty Maze – Environmental exploration game
  • Mountain Goat – 2D Platformer
  • The Chosen One – Platform Arena Fighter
  • Eternal Strike – Fast paced endless space shooter
  • Arilog – Educational puzzle game
  • Subway System – Transport simulator
  • Battleship: Bugs – Battleship game
  • Cave Escape – 2D puzzle platformer
  • Memory Game – Competitive multiplayer
  • HexaFall – 2D Arcade puzzle
  • Get Your Soul – 2D Platformer / Speed Runner
  • Void Runner – Multiplayer 2D Maze running game
  • DiabeticRobotBattle – Card/Character Battle RPG
  • Battle Pets – Location based battle RPG
  • Dungeon Game – Tower Defense / Dungeon Keeper

Our lecture today focused on the important aspects of working through the design phase with a visual and user-oriented mindset as you map out the games behaviours, features and overall requirements before going into detail on the technical design and architecture. All with the goal of locking down your design and tech.

The materials from todays lecture can be found here:

We are looking forward to see these games in action!