Alpha milestones reached!

Great progress across the teams as we hit Alpha. The goal for the Alpha milestone is to have all game features completed so the focus can shift to content create, level design, game balancing and bug fixing as the teams progress towards the Beta milestone on the 15th May.


We can see some great little games take shape and are excited by the progress!

Deploying to the App Stores

Part of getting your game into the hands of your consumer is actually publishing your App on the App Stores.

We went through the joys of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store submission requirements, processes, best practices and potential pitfalls.

The presentations can be found in the forums here:

Game Analytics – For business and Pleasure

We had a great talk about how to use analytics and date to improve drive both your business goals and create a more enjoyable game experience.

The presentation from the lecture can be found in the forums here: