Final Exams & Pitches

Finally the day we have all been waiting for! On the 16th June we celebrated the completion and launch of the first 14 Tromsø Game Lab projects.

The students delivered their game in a live app store/ecosystem, a report on their work and a final oral exam. Overall the students that completed the course over delivered on expecations and set the bar really high for future rounds of Tromsø Game Lab!

In addition to the exams during the day the students also pitched their games to friends, fellow students, family and local industry at FLOW in Tromsø. The best games were awarded prizes and the completion of the course was duly celebrated.

We are all very impressed by the amount of effort put in to this course and the games, with many of the students continuing their work long after the official university deliveries were handed in. Some even with plans to start their own company to make game development their craft.

Overall a great result for the first semester of Tromsø Game Lab!

The winners were:


Void Run – Frode Opdahl – Best Game – Prize: PS4 Sponsored by Framverk 

Activating Children Through Video Games – Jørn Lomax – Best Use Of Mobile – Prize: Smartphone sponsored by Telenor

Moon Garden – Mathisen, Håvard E. H – Most innovative/hacker/tech – Prize: Arduino Sponsored by Conax

Below is a list of all the games with the URL where you can download and play

Download and play games here

Void Run (Opdahl, Frode)
Powerpuff Rangers Alpha (Johansen, Svein-Gunnar):
Bouncy Wool (Bakkeli, Nicolai):
HexaFall (Blomli-Edvardsen, Tobias):
Battleship Bugs (Henriksen, Andre):
The chosen One (Johansen, Preben Bruvoll):
Phylactery (Prytz, Bjørnar Grøholt):
Eternal Strike (Bakke, Simen Harket):
DuppDipp (Grønnesby, Morten & Mortensen, Eirik Iversen):
Remembr (Munch-Ellingsen, Peter):
Super Metro (Ottesen, Henning Angell):
Arilog (Lintvedt, Jonas Christoffer og Sjøli, Stian): 
Geometry Run (Wikstad, Magnus):
Moon Garden (Mathisen, Håvard E. H):  URL not available yet