Indigenous Peoples & Sustainable Development Goals

Forum Conference 2015

Forum Conference 

June 8-9, 2015

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway – Tromsø, Norway

 The Forum Conference 2015 opens a conversation and exploration about indigenous peoples in the Sustainable Development Goals. The Post-2015 Development Agenda is a process led by the United Nations (UN) that aims to help define the future global development frameworkthat will succeed the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which is a set of eight development goals that will come to an end in 2015. It is widely agreed that indigenous peoples have not been granted enough attention in MDG-related processes.

The post-2015 process and the Sustainable Development Goals present a crucial opportunity for indigenous peoples to participate in and contribute to policy making for a global development agenda after 2015 that respect their rights and their aspiration for a self-determined development. Therefore, it is imperative that the post-2015 development agenda reflect indigenous peoples’ rights, the relation to their lands, territories and natural resources and take their vulnerabilities as well as contributions into consideration.

These related issues will make the core of the Forum Conference 2015.

Preliminary program

June 8

Session 1         The UN Development Goals and indigenous peoples

Session 2        How The Sustainable Development Goals can incorporate indigenous  peoples rights and be relevant to indigenous peoples.

Session 3         Opportunities and challenges to including indigenous peoples in the SD

Session 4       Indigenous Peoples engagement in the SDG process

Session 5        Nordic state commitments in support of indigenous peoples under the SDG


June 9

Session 1         Challenges in focusing on indigenous peoples rights in development cooperation

Session 2           Theme: Land Rights and sustainable development.

Session 3           Theme: Education and sustainable development.

Session 4           Theme: Poverty, inequality and sustainable development.

Session 5           Roundtable discussion: Recommendations and future actions: The way forward.