PhD courses in Visual Anthropology


Ph.D courses in Visual Anthropology at UoTromsø

As part of the training of the PhD students, the VISCAM project will organize two PhD courses in collaboration with the PhD program at the Department of Archaeology and Social Anthropology at UoTromsø. Leading international capacities within the field of Visual Anthropology will be invited as lecturers. The courses will be open for PhD students nationally and internationally. As the courses will be a part of the PhD program in Social Anthropology at the UoTromsø, we foresee that UoTromsø will finance the participation of an international Visual Anthropology capacity for each course.

The 1st course


Tentative title
Visual anthropology and new ways of knowing

– Professor Ilya Utekhin,European University at St. Petersburg, Russia – Professor Lisbet Holtedahl, UiT
– Lecturer Sidy Lamine Bagayoko, University of Bamako, Mali

2nd course :
Tentative title:

Visual narratives and anthropological knowledge

– Professor Paul Stoller, West Chester University, USA
– Associate Professor Trond Waage, UiT
– Lecturer Babette Koultchoumi, University of Maroua, Cameroon