Three educative tools will be developed for VISCAM students and teachers. The digital tool will be a part of the curriculum at all three universities.

1 Ethnographic Film History

The educational materials for the course in ethnographic film history will be found, consisting of short lectures, film clips, full films, still-photos, and texts. A list of relevant literature will be developed. The aim of the digital material is to offer students insights concerning how ethnographic film contributes to the production of anthropological knowledge and can validly serve as a research tool. Ethnographic films will be analyzed, conveying how they are a means to represent ethnographic knowledge. The history of ethnographic film, conceptual innovations, and technological developments of presenting ethnographic knowledge in film and video will be explored. Major anthropological films, filmmakers, genres and contemporary debates will be introduced.

 Learning ethnographic methodology through the analysis of film exerpts.

The principal objective of the course is to learn ethnographic methodology. This will be attained through analysis of selected film exerpts. These excerpts portray social situations, which will serve as the reference point for the development of the digital tool. Thorough analysis of these will provide an understanding of ethnographic discovery procedures. Students will also learn to identify different informant perspectives and how they are situated in space and time. This constitutes a prerequisite to being able to approach cross-cultural communication in a constructive manner. Lastly, the methodological relevance of using visual media in research will be weighed and discussed. Film exerpts previously produced by VCS staff and students will be employed. A list of relevant course literature will be developed.

3 Text praxis

This is an online tool that will permit systematic review of ethnographic texts. It will help reveal how the author has built the text’s arguments and help discern objectives of the text. It will also provide students with insights concerning their own reading and writing processes and conventions they unquestioningly adhere to. This text review tool will be built on the same approach as analyzing film experts and films. The tool currently exists in a trial version and is in the process of being further developed.