3 Women’s worlds: Maasai Women

3 Women’s worlds: Maasai Women


The Maasai are cattle herders living in the East African Rift Valley. Men have exclusive control over rights to cattle and women are dependent throughout their lives on fathers, husbands or sons for rights to access to property. This television film, part of the Disappearing World Series, uses extensive interviews to detail key moments in the lives of the women.

Some relevant topics you could look closer at: In what ways can the film be related to the Western academic debates on gender relations? You can also look into the dilemmas of transmitting anthropology by television to a non-anthropological audience.

Maasai Women (1974)

Director: Chris Curling, Melissa Llewelyn-Davies ,

Length: 53 min

Region: Kenya / Tanzania

Review: https://sitareist.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/masai-women-1974-by-melissa-llewelyn-davis/