4 Ways of life: Seeing Slum Life. Celso and Cora

Celso and Cora: a Manila story is about a young couple and their two children living in a squatter settlement in Manila, Philippines. The couple earn their living selling cigarettes outside a downtown hotel, in defiance of city regulations. The film follows their lives over a three-month period, beginning with Cora’s attempt to find a new room for the family after they have been evicted. Later, Celso and Cora face a crisis in their own relationship aggravated by the stresses of their daily lives. Rather than just a report on poverty, this is a universal story of people experiencing everyday events with a mixture of humour, irritation, weariness, and courage.

Some relevant topics you could look closer at: How does a focus on an actual life offer any guarantees or plausible claims to a particular realism? What are the means used in this film in order to promote more realistic filmic representations?