Ethnographic text

Text practise


This is an online tool that will permit systematic review of ethnographic texts.

It will help reveal how the author has built the text’s arguments and help discern objectives of the text. It will also provide students with insights concerning their own reading and writing processes and conventions they unquestioningly adhere to. This text review tool will be built on the same approach as analyzing film experts and films. The tool currently exists in a trial version and is in the process of being further developed.

The educational material will be used for the first time for 1st semester students, including the 2nd cohort of Master’s students from Cameroon, in the VCS Master’s program in September of 2018. This trial-use of the first version will likewise be effected in UoMaroua’s and UoNgaoundéré’s Master’s program in October of 2018. Modifications and amendments will be implemented based on collective feedback.