Master student stipends

Four Cameroonian Master’s students will be recruited in 2017 and 2018. Three will be recruited in 2019 and 2020. Each student will attend UiTromsø for a total of 8 months.

Semester 1. His or her first stay will comprise 5 months, to include the first semester of Master’s track studies. During this period, he or she will adhere to the standard VCS cirriculum. This is to include two courses (30 stp.). The first is entitled, “Approaching Social Realities: Understanding Other Peoples’ Life-worlds.” It provides insight on practice-led ethnographic methodology, anthropological theory, and the use of video in research and dissemination of findings. The second course, “Conveying social realities: Exploring audio-visual narrative strategies,” entails partnering with a Norwegian/European student to conduct a brief research project and edit a short ethnographic film together.

Semesters 2 and 3. The student returns to his or her university of origin in Cameroon for the second and third semesters. There, the following must be completed: courses in anthropological theory and project development; fieldwork; data processing; creating a comprehensive outline of his/her written thesis; and a proposed narrative for an ethnographic film. The thesis outline is to be presented at the VISCAM Workshop, where it requires approval before film editing in UiTromsø can begin (this is a requirement they share with the other Master’s students based at UiTromsø).

Semester 4. The Cameroonian students return to UiTromsø for 3 months to continue data processing and film editing. Reunited with the student group they were part of during first semester, use of the «crossing views» approach resumes. From both teachers and fellow students they will receive feedback, commentary, and analysis concerning their research findings and proposed film narratives. They return to either UoMaroua or UoNgaoundéré to finalize the written portion of their work, and to graduate. To graduate, the students are required to produce an ethnographic film 30 minutes in length and a 50-page written document.

The last cohort of students recruited will not return for the second stay at UiTromsø. Their home institution will provide the academic support and access to technical equipment given by UiTromsø to the previous cohorts.

Viscam student and ‘ordinary’ VCS students at a study trip just outside Tromsø, September 2017