Category: Shotaro Wake: To the last drop

Mr. Okamoto seems driven in his quest for the perfect cup. He is trying to cope with his wife’s cancer diagnosis and joins a support group for empathy and companionship. By way of repaying the kindness he insists on serving tea and coffee at all of their regular meetings.  His efforts bemuse as much as comfort these fellow travellers on painful journeys. But by being useful he knows that he can find a certain relief, even things to smile about along the way.  To the Last Drop is the second feature documentary from Shotaro Wake, who decided, for this project, to use a smart-phone rig to minimise the disruption of the process. With his own personal experience of cancer, the filmmaker is a friend to Okamoto through difficult times, attentive to his story and his every small gesture of defiance in the face of the inevitable.

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