A^3 — Arctic Applied Algebra



Practical Information


A^3 – Arctic Applied Algebra is a conference aiming to bring together researchers working in different areas where Algebra is applied. It is funded by     «Pure Mathematics in Norway», which is a part of the Mathematics Programme of the Bergen Research Foundation (Bergens forskningsstiftelse, BFS) with the collaboration of the Tromsø Research Foundation (Tromsø forskningsstiftelse, TFS).

Our goal is bring together different current trends in Algebra and the scope of the event is to  create new interactions between several different areas of Applied Algebra. The topics will range across Real Algebraic Geometry, Tensor decomposition and moment problems, Polynomial Optimization, Lattice  theory and packings and Coding theory.


Philippe Moustrou, Verena ReichleCordian Riener, Hugues Verdure