The conference will take place at the Breivik campus of UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, in Tromsø, which can be easily reached by bus from the inner city.  Tromsø is a city with around 70.000 inhabitants and above the polar circle. The easiest way to come to Tromsø is by plane. Either via  Oslo (SAS and Norwegian) or on a direct flight from Helsinki (Finnair), Stockholm (SAS), Copenhagen (SAS), Frankfurt (Lufthansa), Alicante (Norwegian), London (Norwegian), Gdansk (Wizzair). Since Tromsø is above the polar circle, the  weather in Tromsø in April can vary from sunny to stormy, and the temperatures vary between -5° C to 15° C, with an average round 3° C. Therefore, we encourage you to  check the forecast before you pack your luggage. The nights start to be shorter after the spring equinox, but they are still long enough that chances of seeing Northern lights are reasonably high.