With a heart for science and scholarship

Academia Borealis, Northern-Norway’s Academy of Science and Letters, has as its foremost purpose the furthering of all types of research activity in the Arctic region, as well as promoting the understanding of the importance of science and scholarship in our society. Our main activity is organizing meetings and lectures, including two memorial lectures a year.

The Academy was founded on 25 January 2001. There are at present about 200 members, including scholars from academic institutions in Tromsø as well as members from universities and research institutions elsewhere in Norway and abroad.

The Academy is a proud co-founder of the Mohn Prize, first time to be awarded in January 2018. The prize amounts to 2 million NOK (approximately 210 000 €), and is awarded biennially.

Our logo is a copy of an ancient rock carving. This figure was found in one of the oldest parts of the rock carving area in Alta, and it was carved by hunting and fishing people around 4-5000 BC. We do not know what it portrays, but it may be an amulet of some kind, possibly depicting a sun or something designating someone’s identity. (Copied by Knut Helskog, Tromsø Museum)

The logo symbolizes the Academy’s belonging in Northern Norway, the solidarity of the scientific society, as well as the connection between the various academic fields

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