Thematic Group 5 – Crosslinguistic Influence

Leaders: Merete Anderssen & Kristine Bentzen

Members: Kjersti Faldet Listhaug, Jason Rothman, Marit Westergaard, Marta Velnic, Natalia Mitrofanova, Nadine Kolb, Tanja Kupisch, Terje Lohndal, Yulia Rodina, Anne Dahl, Eirik Hvidsten, Björn Lundquist, Evelina Leivada, Guro Busterud, Isabel N. Jensen, Jorge Gonzalez Alonso, Martin Krämer, Olga Urek, Inghild Flaate Høyem.

Brief description:  Crosslinguistic influence is a typical characteristic of multilingual situations and has been shown to affect both language acquisition and attrition. This thematic group will take a broad perspective on CLI and may investigate issues such as: (i) Under what conditions does CLI take place? To what extent is it affected by superficial structural similarity or limited to interfaces, as proposed in previous research?  (ii) What determines the direction of this influence? In L2 acquisition, the answer to this question is obvious, as there is only one possible source of influence, the L1. In 2L1 acquisition influence may go in both directions, but what determines in which direction it goes? Is it dominance, language internal factors or something else?  Finally, L3 acquisition is a good context for testing CLI as there are two potential sources of influence: Which previously acquired language will be the source of CLI in L3 acquisition and why? A related question is whether transfer is whole-sale or done in a piecemeal fashion and whether this is consistent throughout development? Finally, (iii) what role does CLI play in language attrition? Are heritage languages more likely to be differential from non-heritage varieties in conditions under which CLI typically takes place?

Workshop on Crosslinguistic Influence (UiT, 20-21 May 2019)


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