Thematic Group 1 – V2 Phenomena

Leaders: Anne Dahl and Kjersti Faldet Listhaug

Members: Guro Busterud, Kjersti Listhaug, Kristin Melum Eide, Tina Ringstad, Terje Lohndal, Marit Westergaard, Merete Anderssen, Kristine Bentzen, Marta Velnic, Natalia Mitrofanova, Yulia Rodina, Björn Lundquist, Isabel N. Jensen, Dave Kush, Nadine Kolb, Jorge González Alonso, Sunniva Briså Strætkvern.

Description: The idea of the group is to take advantage of the diverse perspectives of the variety of researchers and projects within AcqVA across the three pillars (Acquisition, Variation, Attrition) who work on V2 and related phenomena and thus enrich our individual projects. This of course entails specifically including non-V2 in instances such as the acquisition of a non-V2 L2 when L1 has V2 (or vv), instances of non-V2 in Norwegian (varieties), attrition of V2, etc.