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Director: Marit Westergaard, Professor UiT/Professor II NTNU

Research interests: First, second/third & bilingual language acquisition, heritage language/language attrition, syntactic variation, diachronic change,com­parative syntax, word order, nominal structure (grammatical gender, definiteness, possessives), English, Norwegian, Russian, German.

Co-Director: Terje Lohndal, Professor NTNU/Professor II UiT

Research interests: syntax, semantics, morphology, interfaces, variation, heritage languages/language attrition, first, second and bilingual language acquisition, English, Norwegian.

Professors and Postdocs


Merete Anderssen, Professor UiTscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-44-45

Research interests: First, second and bilingual language acquisition, heritage languages and language attrition, word order and information structure in clauses and determiner phrases, reference/(in)definiteness, English, Norwegian and other Scandinavian languages.

Fatih Bayram, MSCA Postdoc UIT Fatih

Research interests: Simultaneous first language bilingualism; heritage speaker bilingualism; language attrition in bilingualism; acquisition of morphosyntax; roles and weights of linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in development/processing/ultimate attainment variation across bi/multilinguals.

Kristine Bentzen, Professor UiTscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-45-08

Research interests: Comparative syntax, dialect syntax, first language acquisition, bilingualism, Scandinavian languages, Sami, verb placement, object shift, scrambling, information structure.

Guro Busterud, Associate Professor UiOGuro

Research interests: First, second/third language acquisition, bilingual language acquisition, language acquisition and critical periods, methodology, syntax, syntactic variation, binding theory, finiteness, nominal structure, Norwegian (L1 and L2/L3).

Anne Dahl, Associate Professor NTNUAnne

Research interests: L2/L3/Ln acquisition (theoretical and applied perspectives):
L2/L3/Ln syntax, L L2/L3/Ln mental lexicon, Age and language acquisition, Multilingualism, Implicit and explicit language learning, English in Norway, English in (Norwegian) schools, English in (Norwegian and international) academia.

Kristin Melum Eide, Professor NTNU Kristin

Research interests: Universal Grammar, multiple grammars in one mind (universal multilingualism), dialects, First and second language acquisition, language contact and change, heritage language, syntax, semantics, predication, tense, aspect, modality, mood, and finiteness.

Antonio Fábregas, Professor UiTAntonio

Research interests: The connection between morphosyntax and morphophonology, the internal structure of words, L2 acquisition, multidialectalism, morphosyntactic variation, Romance, Scandinavian.

Jorge González Alonso, Postdoc UiTscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-50-02

Research interests: Second and third language acquisition, non-native language processing, bilingualism, morphology, compounding, (acquisition, representation and processing of) grammatical gender, eye-tracking during reading. English, Spanish, Norwegian, Basque.

Gustavo Guajardo, Postdoc UiTscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-50-02

Research interests: Morphosyntactic variation and change, the relationship between child language acquisition and language change, syntactic theory, Tense/Aspect/Mood, Romance, Germanic, innate vs. non-innate aspects of language.

Nadine Kolb, Postdoc UiTNadine

Research interests: Child second and third language acquisition; heritage language bilingualism; linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in bi/multilingual language development; acquisition at the syntax-semantics interface; multilingual education; immersion education.

Rachel Klassen, MSCA Postdoc UiTRachel

Research interests: Second language acquisition, bilingualism, mental lexicon, language processing, grammatical gender, morphosyntax, experimental design, eye-tracking, Spanish, German, French.

Martin Krämer, Professor UiTscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-56-44

Research interests: Phonology, variation, acquisition, Optimality Theory, lexicon

Tanja Kupisch, Professor II UiTscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-57-40

Research interests: Research interests: Language acquisition (L1, L2, L3, bilingual), language attrition, language dominance, bilectal acquisition, DP syntax and semantics (gender, adjective placement, definiteness, genericity), foreign accent, Italian, French, German, English, Turkish.

Dave Kush, Associate Professor NTNUscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-58-29

Research interests: Syntax, sentence processing, syntax-semantics interface, syntactic variation, acquisition, modeling, anaphora, memory models.

Evelina Leivada, MSCA Postdoc UiTEvelina

Research interests: Language variation, monolingual and bilingual language acquisition, the ‘dialect’ design, atypical development, language and cognition in Specific Language Impairment, autism and schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

Kjersti Faldet Listhaug, Associate Professor NTNUKjersti Listhaug

Research interests: Second/third language acquisition,  L2/L3/Ln mental lexicon, L2/L3/Ln syntax, language and perception, spatial language, French.

Bjørn Lundquist, Associate Professor/Lab Manager UiTBjørn Lundquist

Research interests: Syntax-Morphology interface, Syntax-Semantics interface, Lexical categories, Scandinavian micro-variation, Psycho-linguistics, Language acquisition.

Natalia Mitrofanova, Researcher UiT Natalia Mitrofanova

Research interests: Research interests: language acquisition (first, second, third, bilingual), acquisition of functional categories, the structure of early grammars, syntax and semantics of locative and directional expressions, experimental linguistics, eye-tracking (VWP), Russian, Norwegian, English, German

Jason Rothman, Professor II UiT
Jason Rothman

Research interests: Heritage Language Bilingualism, Second and Third Language Acquisition (child and adult), First Language Acquisition (children) and Maintenance (L1 attrition in adulthood), Formal Acquisition Epistemology, Syntax and its interfaces with other linguistic and non-linguistic modules, behavioral and neurolinguistic methodologies, Non-linguistic consequences of bi-/multilingualism (e.g., the bilingual “cognitive” and “brain” reserves).

Yulia Rodina, Associate Professor UiT screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-09-01-40

Research interests: Language acquisition (first, second, third, bilingual), heritage languages, multilingualism and education, multilingual language assessment, Norwegian, Russian, English.

Roumyana Slabakova, Professor II NTNURoumyana

Research interests: Second, third & multilingual language acquisition; acquisition of functional morphology; acquisition at the syntax-semantics, syntax-discourse, and semantics-pragmatics interfaces; critical periods for acquisition; language processing; heritage language/language attrition; eye tracking; second language acquisition theory and epistemology.

Olga Urek, Researcher UiT Olga Urek

Research interests: phonology, Optimality Theory, feature geometry, Baltic languages, acquisition, bilingualism

Øystein A Vangsnes, Professor UiT Øystein A Vangsnes

Research interests: Research interests: Grammar, syntax, morphology, syntactic variation, North Germanic languages and dialects, language variation, multilingualism, bidialectalism, language acquisition, cognitive development, language attitudes

Marta Velnic, Postdoc NTNUMarta Velnic

Research interests: First language acquisition, ditransitive structure, word order, givenness, animacy, discourse topic, nominal structure (adjectives, definiteness, gender), Croatian, Italian.

Andrew Weir, Associate Professor NTNU Andrew

Research interests: Syntax, semantics, interfaces, microcomparative syntax, dialectal variation, register variation (especially ‘telegraphic’ written register), ellipsis, Scottish English, Germanic.

Tor Anders Åfarli, Professor NTNU Tor

Research interests: Syntax, semantics, morphology, interfaces, grammar models, inter- and intra-individual linguistic variation, bilingualism, language contact and change, heritage language, language mixing, syntactic ‘periphery’ phenomena, language acquisition, Germanic langauges, Scandinavian dialects, languages of India and China.

PhD Students – Link to individual PhD projects


Sigríður Björnsdóttir, PhD Candidate, UiTSirri

Research interests: Learnability, acquisition, variation, syntactic theory.

Kristin Klubbo Brodahl, PhD Candidate, NTNUKristin

Research interests: syntax, semantics, the syntax-semantics interface,German,English, adjuncts, predication, participle constructions

Nicole Busby, PhD Candidate, NTNU Nicole

Research interests: second language acquisition, academic language, vocabulary acquisition, second language reading, English

Linda Evenstad Emilsen, External PhD Candidate NTNU Linda

Research interests: Second language acquisition, Norwegian as an L2, heritage speakers, syntax, morphology, nominal structure and phrases, definiteness, gender.

Anna Giskes, PhD Candidate NTNU Anna

Research interests: sentence processing, experimental syntax, anaphora, intrusion effects, processing models, Dutch, English, Norwegian, Danish.

Eirik Hvidsten, PhD Candidate NTNUEirik

Research interests: Syntax, semantics, syntax-semantics interface, morphology, second/third language acquisition, French, clitics, nominals.

Isabel Nadine Jensen, PhD Candidate UiTEirik

Research interests: Second and third language acquisition, multilingualism, acquisition of morphosyntax, the Bottleneck Hypothesis.

Tina Louise Ringstad, PhD Candidate NTNU Tina

Research interests: L1 acquisition, bilingual language acquisition, syntactic variation, the syntax-pragmatics interface, crosslinguistic influence, Scandinavian, Norwegian dialects.

Bror-Magnus Sviland Strand, PhD Candidate UiT Bror-Magnus S. Strand

Research interests: Research interests: First language acquisition, syntax, (the acquisition and representation of) socio-linguistic registers, Scandinavian languages, bidialectism, morphosyntactic variation, finiteness and infinitive clauses.

Ekaterina Zhakun, PhD Candidate UiT Kate

Research interests: Phonology, Optimality Theory, Consonant Clusters, Syllable structure, language acquisition.


Eline Grønvoll, Research assistant UiTscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-44-45

Tor-Willy Knudsen, Assistant UiTscreen-shot-2016-12-20-at-08-44-45

Charlotte Sant, Assistant NTNUCharlotte Sant

Research interests: Comparative syntax and semantics, variation, Scandinavian dialects, modification, the syntax-semantics interface, Norwegian, English.