Our close collaborators at AcqVA NTNU in Trondheim Anne Dahl, Kjersti Listhaug and Guro Busterud have been granted funding from the RCN for their project Cross-linguistic influence in multilingual acquisition (CLIMA)! Our very own Marit Westergaard and Jason Rothman also take part in the project.
It focuses on verb movement and its research questions center around three areas: 1) the linguistic factors which determine cross-linguistic influence from previously learned languages in L3 acquisition, 2) the learner-internal factors which determine such cross-linguistic influence, and 3) the extent to which multiple methodologies yield consistent results in patterns of cross-linguistic influence found in the project. Several AcqVA members in Trondheim and Tromsø are part of the project, in addition to many international scholars. A wonderful example of AcqVA-research!
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