Aims and Scope

Acta Borealia is a multi-disciplinary scientific journal for cultural studies. The journal presents results from basic research on northern societies, including reviews of new books about the north. The journal is also open to shorter comments on published papers. Occasionally we publish special theme numbers consisting of several related papers; if you are considering this please contact the editors well in advance.

The contributing authors are mainly from the Nordic countries, but also from other countries performing research on circumpolar societies. It publishes articles in such disciplines as history, archaeology, social anthropology, ethnography, geography and linguistics.

Acta Borealia is edited by a group of scholars at the University of Tromsø and by an editorial board drawn from several countries and from a wide range of disciplines. Acta Borealia is the only journal dedicated exclusively to a multidisciplinary, comparative focus on circumpolar societies.

The main attention is assigned to questions of
– ethnic relations
– settlement pattern and development
– economy
– political, cultural and social phenomena

from prehistoric times to recent past. Articles and book reviews are published in English. For more information concerning submission of articles, book reviews etc, please read our “Instructions to authors” or contact the editors. For more information concerning publishing matters and subscription, please contact our publisher Taylor and Francis.