Acta Borealia (2012) Volume 29(2)

Volume 29(2)

Volume 29(2), 2012 – Special Issue: The History of Research into Aurora Borealis

Robert Marc Friedman: Introduction: The Aurora in History. 115-118.
Päivi Maria Pihlaja: Northern Laboratories of Nature and the Quest for Scientific Honour in Early Modern Sweden. 119-136.
Sven Widmalm: Auroral Research and the Character of Astronomy in Enlightenment Sweden. 137-156.
Per Pippin Aspaas & Truls Lynne Hansen: The Role of the Societas Meteorologica Palatina (1781-1792) in the History of Auroral Research. 157-176
Vidar Enebakk: Appropriating the Aurora: Christopher Hansteen and the Circumpolar Auroral Rings. 177-196.
Ulrike Spring: Between Spectacle and Science: The Aurora in Central Europe, 1870s – 1880s. 197-215.

Research Paper:
Steinar Aas: Norwegian and Soviet/Russian World War II Memory Policy during the Cold War and the Post-Soviet Years. 216-239

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Acta Borealia (2003): Volume 20(2)

Volume 20(2), 2003
Svensson, Tom G.: On Customary Law: Inquiry into an Indigenous Rights Issue. 95-119
Minde, Henry: Assimilation of the Sami – Implementation and Consequences. 121-146

Wiborg, Agnete: Between Mobility and Belonging: Out-migrated Young Students’ Perspectives in Rural Areas in North Norway. 147-168
Aas, Steinar: “One Man’s Foolishness Led to the Death of 14 Men”. Norwegian Reactions to Umberto Nobile and the “Italia” Disaster. 169-194

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Acta Borealia (1998): Volume 15(1)

Volume 15(1), 1998
The Editors: Introduction. 3-4
Minde, Henry: Constructing ‘Laestadianism’: A case for Saami survival? 5-26
Aas, Steinar: North Norway – The frontier of the North? 27-42
Anttonen, Marjut: The dilemma of some present-day Norwegians with Finnish-speaking ancestry. 43-58
Morantz, Toby: The Past and the Future of Ethnohistory. 59-77

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