Acta Borealia (2018) Volume 35(1)

Volume 35(1)

Bergman Ingela & Ramqvist Per H: Hunters of forests and waters: Late Iron Age and Medieval subsistence and social processes in coastal northern Sweden. 1-28.
Schilar Hannelene & Keskitalo E. Carina: Ethnic boundaries and boundary-making in handicrafts: examples from northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. 29-48.
Berg-Nordlie Mikkel: The governance of urban indigenous spaces: Norwegian Sami examples. 49-72.
Bleie Tone: Historic settlement and pastoralism in Arctic and Tibetian Plateau: towards a comparison. 73-93.

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Acta Borealia (2017) Volume 34(2)

Volume 34(2)

Nordin Jonas M. & Ojala Carl-Gösta: Copper worlds: a historical archaeology of Abraham and Jakob Momma-Reenstierna and their industrial enterprise in the Torne River Valley, c. 1650–1680. 103-133.
Bergman Ingela & Ramqvist Per H.: Farmer-fishermen: interior lake fishing and inter-cultural and intra-cultural relations among coastal and interior Sámi communities in northern Sweden AD 1200–1600. 134-158.
Mankova Petia: Heterogeneity and spontaneity: reindeer races, bureaucratic designs and indigenous transformations at the Festival of the North in Murmansk.  159-177.
Amundsen Hilde Rigmor: Changing histories and ethnicities in a Sámi and Norse borderland. 178-197.

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