Acta Borealia (2013) Volume 30(1)

Volume 30(1)

Arne Eide, Knut Heen, Claire Armstrong, Ola Flaaten & Anatoly Vasiliev: Challenges and Successes in the Management of a Shared Fish Stock – The Case of the Russian–Norwegian Barents Sea Cod Fishery. 1-20.
Paul Fryer & Ari Lehtinen: 
Iz’vatas and the diaspora space of humans and non-humans in the Russian North. 21-38.
Camilla Brattland: Proving Fishers Right. Effects of the Integration of Experience-Based Knowledge in Ecosystem-Based Management. 39-59.
Harald Beyer Broch: Monkfish Mysteries. A Narrative Analysis of Place-making and Knowledge Production among North Norwegian Fishermen. 60-74.
Bodil Hansen Blix, Torunn Hamran & Hans Ketil Normann: 
“The Old Sami” – who is he and how should he be cared for? A discourse analysis of Norwegian policy documents regarding care services for elderly Sami. 75-100.
Jukka Nyysönen: Sami Counter-Narratives of Colonial Finland. Articulation, Reception and the Boundaries of the Politically Possible. 101-121.

Book Review:
Vladislava Vladimirova: Bridging Divides. Ethnopolitical Leadership among the Russian Sami. 122-127.

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Acta Borealia (2011): Volume 28(1)

Volume 28(1), 2011

Bengt-Ove Andreassen: History as Religious Self-mediation: The case of the Firstborn Laestadians. 1-18
Mikkel Berg-Nordlie: Need and Misery in the Eastern Periphery: Nordic Sámi Media Debate on the Kola Sámi. 19-36
Leif Christian Jensen & Geir Hønneland: Framing the High North: Public Discourses in Norway after 2000. 37-54
Gørill Nielsen & Stephen Wickler:  Boathouses as Indicators of Ethnic Interaction? 55-88
Vladislava K. Vladimirova: “We are Reindeer People, We Come from Reindeer”. Reindeer herding in Representations of the Sami in Russia. 89-113

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