Recent Articles

Acta Borealia (2022) Volume 39(2)
Viken Arild: “Tourism Appropriation of Sámi land and Culture”. 95-114.
de Bernardi Cecilia: “Sámi Tourism in marketing material: a multimodal discourse analysis”. 115-137.
Guðmundsdóttir Lisabet: “Driftwood Utilization and procurement in Norse Greenland”. 138-167.

Acta Borealia (2022) Volume 39(1)
Flora Janne and Andersen Oberborbeck Astrid: “Introduction: human-muskox pathways through millenia”. 1-5.
Hastrup Kirsten: “The muskox world: human-animal histories in the Arctic” 6-23.
Fog Jensen Jens and Gotfredsen Anne Birgitte: “First people and muskox hunting in northernmost Greenland”. 24-52.
Flora Janne: Muskox movements: human-animal entanglements in Northeast Greenland”. 53-74.
Andersen Astrid Oberborbeck: “Muskox multiplications: the becoming of a resource, relations and place in Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland”. 75-94.

Acta Borealia (2021) Volume 38(2)
Warg Næss Marius, Hole Fisktjønmo Guro Lovise & Bårdsen Bård-Jørgen: “The Sami cooperative herding group: the siida system from past to present” 81-103.
Istomin, Kirill V. “Who want to lay down into the permafrost? an attempt to explain differences in migration rates, strategies and attitudes in two Russian northern cities” 104-130.
Nikonov Sergey A. & Tolkachev Mikhail V.: “Between Denmark and Moscovia: the Kola Sámi in the border conflict of the second half of the sixteenth – first quarter of the seventeenth century”. 131-149.
Dankertsen Astri, Pettersen Elisabeth & Otterlei Jill-Beth: “Of we want to have a good future, we need to do something about it. Youth, security and imagined horizons in the intercultural Arctic Norway”. 150-169.

Acta Borealia (2021) Volume 38(1)
Hiss Florian, Pesch Anja Maria and Sollid Hilde: “Multilingual encounters in Northern Norway” 1-4.
Niiranen Leena: “Minority language learning in Kven through conversation” 5-22.
Pesch Anna Maria:”They call me anneanne! translanguaging as a theoretical and pedagogical challenge and opportunity in the kindergarten context in Norway” 23-42.
Hiss Florian and Loppacher Anna: “The working language is Norwegian. Not that this means anything, it seems: when expectations meets the new multilingual reality” 43-59.
Sætermo Monica and Sollid Hilde: “Reported language attitudes among Norwegian speaking in-migrants in Tromsø” 60-80.

Acta Borealia (2020) Volume 37(1-2)
Nurmi Risto, Kuusela Jari-Matti and Hakamäki Ville: “Swedenization of the North – the early medieval Swedish northern expansion and the emerge of the Birkarls” 1-26.
Kramvig Britt and Førde Anniken: “Stories of reconciliation enacted in the everyday lives of Sámi tourism entrepreneurs” 27-42.
Angell Elisabeth, Nygaard Vigdis and Selle Per :”Industrial development in the North – Sámi interests squeezed between globalisation and tradition” 43-62.
Hermansen Nina and Olsen Kjell: “Learning the Sámi language outside the Sámi core area in Norway” 63-77.
Beyer Broch Harald: “Mastering the Environment: frontier behaviour at the ocean Klondike during Greenland halibut fishery” 78-93.

Back Matter:
Tennberg Monica, Vuojala-Magga Terhi and Vola Joonas: “Social resilience in practice: insights from Finnish Lapland ” 94-109.

Acta Borealia (2019) Volume 36(2)
Elenius Lars: “The dissolution of ancient Kvenland and the transformation of the Kvens as an ethnic group of people. On changing ethnic categorizations in communicative and collective memories” 117-148.
Laruelle Marlene: “Postcolonial polar cities? New indigenous and cosmopolitan urbanness in the Arctic” 149-165.
Wråkberg Urban:”A. E. Nordenskiöld in Swedish memory: the origin and uses of Arctic heroism” 166-182.

Book review:
Nordin Jonas Monié: “The Sámi, state subjugation and strategic interaction: individual mobility within multicultural networks” 183-185.

Acta Borealia (2019) Volume 36(1)
Junka-Aikio Laura: “Institutionalization, neo-politicization and the politics of defining Sámi research” 1-22.
Svestad Asgeir: “Caring for the dead? An alternative perspective on Sámi reburial” 23-52.
Vakhtin Nikolai:”Sovetskaya Arktika journal as a source for the history of the Northern Sea Route” 53-74.
Leu Traian C.:”Tourism as a livelihood diversification strategy among Sámi indigenous people in northern Sweden” 75-92.
Andersen Oddmund: “The settlement mounds in Divtasvuona/Tysfjord, North Norway. Traces of a Sámi fisher-farmer economy” 93-116.

Acta Borealia (2018) Volume 35(2)
Konstantinov Yulian, Istomin Kirill, Ryzhkova Inna and Mitina Yulia: “Uncontrolled sovkhoism”: administering reindeer husbandry in the Russian far north (Kola Peninsula)”. 95-114.
Allemann Lukas: “I do not know if Mum knew what was going on”: Social reproduction in boarding schools in Soviet Lapland”. 115-142.
Elenius Lars: “Were the “Kainulaiset” in the Kalix River valley Finnish or Swedish-speakers?” 143-175.
Keränen Mari: “Language maintenance through corpus planning – the case of Kven”. 176-191.

Acta Borealia (2018) Volume 35(1)
Bergman Ingela and Ramqvist Per H. “Hunters of forests and waters: Late Iron Age and Medieval subsistence and social processes in coastal northern Sweden”. 1-28. Schilar Hannelene and Keskitalo Carina H.E: Ethnic boundaries and boundary-making in handicrafts: examples from northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. 29-48.
Mikkel Berg-Nordlie Mikkel: The governance of urban indigenous spaces: Norwegian Sámi examples. 49-72.
Bleie Tone: Historic settlements and pastoralism in the Arctic and Tibetan Plateau: towards a comparison. 73-93.