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Acta Borealia (2004): Volume 21(1)

Volume 21(1), 2004
Janne P. Ikäheimo, Juha-Pekka Joona and Mikko Hietala: Wretchedly Poor, but Amazingly Practical: Archaeological and Experimental Evidence on the Bone Arrowheads of the Fenni. 3-20
Ryymin, Teemu: Narrating the Arctic Finns: Samuli Paulaharju’s Representations of the Kvens. 21-40
Evjen, Bjørg: …thought I was just a same. “Lulesame” and “lulesamisk area” as New Political and Identity-shaping Expressions. 41-54
Kvalvik, Ingrid: Assessing the Delimination Negotiations between Norway and the Soviet Union/Russia. 55-80

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