SDÁ 1-2011: Pigga Keskitalo – Kaarina Määttä

Sámegielat álgooahpahusa gielalaš iešvuođat

Pigga Keskitalo (Sámi allaskuvla)
Kaarina Määttä (Lappi universitehta)

Viečča artihkkala dás (pdf).

Linguistic features in Sami instruction at first grades

This article focus on features of Sami language instruction in the first grades in Norway and Finland. The most important part of the paper is to compare instruction methods in Norway and Finland – what kind of differences exist between these countries on an ideological level with regard to language instruction. Secondly, the paper outlines the challenges of Sami language instruction in the first grades as an indigenous peoples’ language with minority language status.  This presents its own differences and challenges which must be taken into account on the planning level and in practice in a working classroom. Sami language instruction occurs within a challenging environment. Student groups are more heterogenic  than ever. Teachers must work within a situation which is quite different in relation to the language situa­tion in the country as a whole. The situation of the Sami language differs markedly from that of the languages of the nation states in question and there is a pressing need for more research in this area.