SDÁ 1-2-2009: Jan Henry Keskitalo

Sámi máhttu ja sámi skuvlamáhttu: teorehtalaš geahčastat

Jan Henry Keskitalo (Sámi allaskuvla)

Viečča artihkkala dás (pdf).

Sami knowledge and Sami school-knowledge: A theoretical consideration

The Sami school system in its present state in Norway is founded on the ideas of the national Norwegian school system for basic training. One can certainly question whether such a school is something else other than a kind of adjustment to the national school model, and therefore primarily a kind of administrative solution. The school in its present state also has resolved what kind of knowledge is to be disseminated, and intends by this to fulfil the requirements of becoming a Sami school.

On the other hand, the school has its structure and regulations in the western modern tradition, ideals that have certain negative implications for the potential to further develop a school that is based on both Sami traditions and contemporary Sami societal needs. Is it possible then to invent and implement solutions that promote a Sami schooling concept that also integrates a strong mandate which gives legitimacy to desires to manage and transfer Sami knowledge?

The article focuses on the challenges of following such a process, ending with the possibility to use a poststructural perspective on curriculum development and ecological metaphors to describe a solution.