Seminar on Sami and Ainu issues
Monday October 1
University of Tromsø, Teorifagbygget, house 1
Room TEO 1.413

Ainu and Sami societies; indigenous and multiple.
Carrying academic knowledge?

Mediator: Rachel Issa Djessa

10:00 Hildegunn Bruland:
(Center for Sami Studies, University of Tromso):
Welcome to the Center for Sami Studies, University of Tromso

10:10-10:45 Kato Hirofumi
(Center for Ainu & Indigenous studies, Hokkaido University):
Ainu Culture around  Sea and Forest : its origin and diversity

10:50-11:25 Bjorg Evjen
(Center for Sami Studies, University of Tromso):
The multiple Sami society, divided by whom and for what purpose?

11:25-11:35 Questions

11:40 Round table discussion:

Indigenous knowledge, a part of academia?
Koji Yuki, Bjørg Evjen, Hirofumi Kato and student from The Master’s Programme in Indigenous Studies.

12:15-12:30 conclusive remarks