Fredrik Garnås Rylandsholm

Fredrik Garnås Rylandsholm is raised in Lillehammer, and has his Master’s degree in organic chemical synthesis from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Ås. His theisis, “Synthetic studies towards the oxylipin 3-(R)-HEPE”, was a hemi-synthesis of a novel fatty acid derivative, and different approaches to decide its absolute configuration. During his masters programme, Fredrik also went on an exchange to the Technical University of Denmark, where he did synthesis of protected disaccarides for biofuel studies, and synthesis of functionalised anthraquinones for molecular electronics. When he is not at the university, Fredrik enjoys knitting, embroiding, and table top games with friends. He has also spent several years in a student choir, and in several symphonic orchestras playing the clarinette.


Ansatt- Fredrik Garnes Rylandsholm