Project leader John Sigurd Svendsen

Group leader for Organic Chemistry
Project leader for DigiBiotics and AntiBioSpec

CSO for AmiCoat and PharmaSum Therapeutics


WP1: Biodiscovery 

Biodiscovery of novel macrocyclic compounds from Arctic marine sources. Read more here.






Work-package leader: Jeanette H. Andersen

PhD Student: Marte Jenssen

Post Doc: Teppo Rämä


WP2: Organic synthesis

Synthesis of derivatives to improve the efficacy and ADMET properties of discovered macrocycles using organic- and bio-synthesis. Read more here.

Work-package leader: John Sigurd Svendsen

PhD Student: Tone Kristoffersen

PhD Student AmiCoat: Eskil André Karlsen 

Post Doc: Marianne Hagensen Paulsen

Post Doc: Vacant position


WP3: Optical spectroscopy and ab initio calculations

Characterization of Natural Compounds absolute and relative configurations using Optical Methods and ab initio calculations. Read more here.

Work-package leader: Kenneth Ruud

PhD Student: Karolina Solheimseid Eikås


WP4: NMR spectroscopy

Structure elucidation of Natural compounds, determination of relative stereochemistry and conformation analysis using NMR spectroscopy. Characterization of membrane interactions using nanodiscs. Read more here.

Work-package leader: Johan Isaksson

PhD Student: Phil Rainsford

PhD Student: Fredrik Garnås Rylandsholm

PhD Student: Ravdna Sarre


WP5: Molecular dynamics simulations

Computer simulations of membrane models and their interactions with macrocycles using large scale molecular dynamics. Read more here.

Work-package leader: Bjørn Olav Brandsdal

PhD Student: Laura Liikanen


WP6: Activity and resistance studies

Bio-activity testing using clinical isolates and determination of resistance development propensity and host determinants. Read more here.

Work-package leader: Johanna E. Sollid

PhD Student: Eric Juskewitz

Post Doc: Ekaterina Mishchenko


Logo: Johan Isaksson. WP1 photo: Marte Jenssen. WP2: photo-Marianne Hagensen Paulsen, WP3 photo: Karolina Solheimslid Eikås. WP4: photoand spectra-Marianne H. Paulsen Nanodisc: Ravnda  A. Sarre WP6: Photo – Hanna-Kirsti Leiros EUCAST: Beco, L., et al. (2013). Vet Rec172(3): 72-78.