Philip Ben Rainsford

Phil, originally from Tamworth, England, obtained his BSc in Chemistry from the University of Aberdeen in 2014. With Prof. Marcel Jaspars as supervisor he worked on a project using NMR and MS to identify novel compounds from marine bacteria. In 2015 Phil came to UiT to work further in that field and to obtain his MSc in Organic chemistry with Dr. Johan Isaksson; his thesis was titled: ‘Isolation, structure elucidation and synthesis of alkaloids from the sea sponge Pachymatisma Johnstonia ’. During this time he developed a real passion for NMR and its use in structure elucidation as a form of ‘real world problem solving’. Phil has recently started his PhD as part of the DigiBiotics group at UiT, specifically using NMR and nanodiscs in structural and conformational studies of middlespace molecules, such as peptides, and their interactions with cell membranes.