The Cyber Security Research group is investigating fundamental systems problems rooted in practical application domains

Researching novel, fundamental distributed system problems and educating students to master complex distributed systems are the focus of the Cyber Security Group. We carry out experimental systems research related to architecting and construction of scalable, fault-tolerant, privacy-preserving, and secure distributed systems. This includes that we often go the extra mile and put our engineered systems to realistic use and evaluations through real deployments.  This applied approach implies that we more accurately can uncover real insights and user experiences, and these software artifacts are also key contributions to our inter-disciplinary research collaboration.

Our systems provide enabling technologies for collaborating partners in other sciences. The group undertakes high-impact inter-disciplinary research and innovation at the intersection of computer science, law, sports science, psychology, statistics, and medicine. We are particularly focused on technology innovations and compliance issues in the convergence space of mobility, social networking, multimedia, cloud computing, and Big Data analytics.

We have organized our research in three distinct, but closely related areas:

(1)    Fundamental systems

(2)    System support for healthy human beings

(3)    System support for sustainability