At least once per year, members (students and faculty members) of the thematic network get-together for one day or more of networking and training. These activities are one of the most successful and enjoyable parts of the thematic network, as they build knowledge, generate collaborations and form friendships.

Below the last news related to activities organized within the thematic network:


“Applied volcanology as a mineral exploration tool”

This webinar is given by Thor Thordarson from University of Iceland.
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Workshop “Mineral resources in the Arctic”

The three-day workshop was held from the 11-13th June 2018 at the Department of Geosciences – UiT (Norway).  Sixty participants...
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Webinar: The major drives of glaciations on the Precambrian earth and chemical sedimentologic responses

A new video on the "Arctic Geology" YouTube channel is released. The title of this new webinar is “The...
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Stable isotopes in ore geology – origin of the Fäboliden orogenic gold deposit

A new video on the "Arctic Geology" YouTube channel is released. The title of this new webinar is "Stable...
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Webinar: Precambrian banded iron formations

New video on our YouTube channel: It is a webinar on "Precambrian iron banded formations (BIFs) and interpretation of...
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Intensive course on Arctic tectonics, volcanism and climate at Svalbard

Photo: Grace Shephard The Norwegian research school DEEP offers an intensive course on Arctic tectonics, volcanism and climate in Svalbard. Kim Senger (UNIS...
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“Mafic and ultramafic intrusions across Russian part on Fennoscandian shield (Kola, Karelia). Geology and mineral deposits”

On the 2nd of March 2018, Ivan Alekseev of Saint Petersburg State University give a nice webinar on: “Mafic and ultramafic intrusions...
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Webinar Calendar

You will find some details about the upcoming webinars with date, name of the presenter and title of his presentation...
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Workshop at UNIS has been successful!

The workshop related to the project "Circum-Arctic Geology for Everyone" lead by Kim Senger and Maria Jensen has been successful!...
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SpSU at Tromsø

Saint Petersburg University students in visit to UiT

On the 10th of July, 15 students and accompagnateurs visits department of geosciences of UiT. They have been welcome by...
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