Project description:

The project “Circum-Arctic Geology for Everyone: An integrated approach to learning and teaching in the Arctic” is leading by Dr Kim Senger (Dr Maria Jensen as co‐leader).


Project partners:

  • Dr Simon Buckley and Dr Nicole Naumann from Uni Research CIPR and Uni Research AS (Norway)
  • Dr Sten‐Andreas Grundvåg and  Advisor Iver Mertens from UiT (Norway)
  • Dr Christian Haug Eide, Dr Isabelle Lecomte and Dr Ivar Nordmo from UiB  (Norway)
  • Dr Karen Mair, Dr Olivier Galland and Dr Carmen Gaina from UiO (Norway)
  • Dr Kei Ogata from from Vrije Universiteit (Netherlands)
  • Dr Pierpaolo Guarnieri and Dr Lars Stemmerik from University of Copenhagen  (Denmark)
  • Dr Bernard Coakley from University of Alaska (USA)
  • Dr Peter Flaig from University of Texas at Austin (USA)
  • Dr Luiz Gonzaga da Silveira Jr from Unisinos university (Brasil)



Apr 18

Intensive course on Arctic tectonics, volcanism and climate at Svalbard

Photo: Grace Shephard The Norwegian research school DEEP offers an intensive course on Arctic tectonics, volcanism and climate in Svalbard. Kim Senger (UNIS...
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Feb 18

Workshop at UNIS has been successful!

The workshop related to the project "Circum-Arctic Geology for Everyone" lead by Kim Senger and Maria Jensen has been successful!...
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