You will find some details about the upcoming webinars with date, name of the presenter and title of his presentation in the table below.

Date Speaker Presentation title
19-01-18 Rune Larsen (NTNU, Norway) “Deep Crustal Diversity of Mafic and Ultramafic LIP-Forming Mantle Melt: Implications for Large-Scale Magmatism and Ore-Forming processes” 
02-02-18 Marina Koreshkova (SPbSU, Russia) “Mineralogy and petrology of ultrapotassic minettes of the White sea region (with an emphasis on apatite and the lack of diamonds)”
02-03-18 Ivan Alexeev (SPbSU, Russia) “Mafic and ultramafic intrusions across Russian part on Fennoscandian shield (Kola, Karelia). Geology and mineral deposits”
06-04-18 Nadezhda A.Alfimova (SPbSU, Russia)  “Precambrian iron banded formations (BIFs) and interpretation of their origin from Sm-Nd isotopic data”
04-05-18 Glenn Bark (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)  “Stable isotopes in ore geology – origin of the Fäboliden orogenic gold deposit.”
08-06-18 Kari Strand (Oulu Mining School, Finland)  “The major drives of glaciations on the Precambrian earth and chemical sedimentologic responses”  
05-10-18 Sarah Dare (Ottawa University, Canada) “Processes that control the distribution of platinum-group elements (PGE) among the minerals in Ni-Cu-PGE deposits of Sudbury, Canada: insights from laser ablation ICP-MS of base metal sulfides”
02-11-18 Hjalti Franzson (Reikjavik University)  “Gold exploration in Iceland” 
07-12-18 Thor Thordarson (University of Iceland, Iceland) “Applied volcanology as a mineral exploration tool”