Arctic Optica will participate in Blackout at Prestvannet

This year, Arctic Optica will participate in BLACKOUT, an event organised by tvibit.

Blackout is a primarily artistic event celebrating the polar night, playing with the concepts of light and darkness. The city illumination around theĀ Prestvannet lake will be cut for several hours and it will be replaced with low-light paths to guide the attendees around the lake. At specific positions along this path, stages will be placed in which various performers will use light as means of expression.

This year, one stage will be taken by Arctic Optica to showcase the science of light. With “Seeing the Full Spectrum”, Arctic Optica will present the attendees with the spectrum of white light, invisible patterns that become visible only under certain illumination, a laser projector to showcase the way light can be harnessed for various applications and a telescope that exemplifies the use of light to learn more about the world.

Find out more about the event at the Facebook event page.

Arctic Optica has a new website

Arctic Optica has now a website hosted by the university. This will help us avoid the problems we had with the old one which prevented us from sharing it on social media. Just be patient since this site is still under construction. We hope that soon we can present to you a version of this website in Norwegian .

On the “blog” you will find articles by our members about things we find of interest such as new work we are doing, new and exciting research we found out about and want to share with the world, or simply our thoughts about various challenges we encounter during our time studying and working in Norway.

News about upcoming events and activities organised by Arctic Optica or in which Arctic Optica participates can be found on the “news” page. Make sure to check it often because we are always up to something. šŸ˜‰

If you are a student at UiT and have an interest in optics as a future profession, consider joining us!